Construction & Safety Signs

No matter where you live in New Zealand, we are sure that there is construction work happening in your town. You would be hard-pressed to drive anywhere and not see a building site or an area that is under development. People tend to have an increased interest in things that are going on, so why not advertise and promote your business with creative construction signs? 

Fence Mesh:

Fence mesh can be used for a variety of reasons from advertising on a building site to covering up unsightly features around your house. We print full-colour images/branding onto the white mesh PVC and there are 3 grades of transparency/airflow to suit different needs. Did you know that fence mesh signage also meets dust control and council regulations? It really is a multipurpose benefit to your business and building site. 

Fence mesh is water resistant, reusable, and fire retardant and comes hemmed with eyelets to your custom size, ready to install. The standard height for fence mesh is 1.8m. The length is varied in size to your requirements. 

Site Signs:

Corflute site signs are very popular for branding building sites. Not only can businesses include a logo and contact details, but they can have an image to preview what is being built. There is no limitation to what you can have on these lightweight yet secure signs. Signs can be printed in full colour single or double-sided. The best way to care for your corflute signs is to have eyelets placed around the edge. This means that you can secure the sign to your fencing and even reuse it when your construction is complete. 

Corflute board is a lightweight and weather-resistant signage board. It is perfect for real estate, event, and construction situations. We print full colour on these boards which have varied thicknesses of 3mm, 4.5mm and 5mm and come in sheet sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm. We can trim the boards down to any desired size. 

Safety Signs:

Most construction sites have a lot of health and safety requirements that need to be followed not only to keep people safe but to meet council guidelines. These signs usually have imagery that is easy to comprehend and follow at first glance, making sure safe methods are highlighted as well as hazards. There are a variety of options when it comes to getting safety signage done. A lot of choosing what will work best is thinking about what information you need to include on the sign, how long the sign will be up for, where the sign needs to be placed etc. Signs vary in style, materials used, size, and use. Rest assured, we will discuss the options and recommend signage options based on our vast expertise. We can then design, print, and even install these safety signs for you. 


Vehicle Decals:

Maximize your business exposure by branding your work vehicle(s). It is a great way to not only advertise your business but to give it a professional and credible appearance. We can fully wrap your vehicle(s) or add simple vinyl decals such as your logo, business name, and website. Having your car sign written is like having a moving billboard and what business doesn’t want that? We can provide your fleet with immaculate and consistent branding from design right through to application and aftercare information. 

A2Z Print Solutions – Construction & Safety Signs


The options are endless when it comes to promoting your business but don’t be overwhelmed – we are here to help. Get in touch with us today!