Promotional Signage for Your Business

New Zealand business owners have so many promotional signage options these days! The issue isn’t how can we promote our business, it’s which amazing option(s) we choose. Pull-up banners, footpath signs, and custom flags are only a few of the many options available. Here at A2Z Print Solutions, we can not only help you decide which signage is best for your business, but we can also help with everything from design to installation. Let’s take the time to expand on some promotional signage options for your business. 

Pull-Up Banners:

Pull-up banners can be used in New Zealand for a wide range of situations to promote your business. They are great for events such as trade shows, pop-up shops, conferences, sports events etc. We can mock up a design for you and organise everything from printing the banner to the retractable cassette and the handy carry case. If you are wanting to swap out an old banner for a new one, we can accommodate that for you too. 

The standard size of a pull-up banner is 850mm x 2050mm, but if you are wanting to make a big impact you can go for the wide size which is 1200mm x 2050mm. NZ pull-up banners are compact, lightweight, and easily transportable. The actual banner is printed on Coated PVC which is tear-resistant, durable, and fade-resistant. 

Custom Flags:

It would be hard to find anyone in NZ that hasn’t seen a flag to promote a business or event. These eye-catching advertisements are a great choice when looking for ways to endorse your business. Another reason flags are helpful for businesses/events is that they can give people directions or even let people know where the start and the finish line are. We have a roadside flag here that lets potential customers and existing customers know exactly where we are. We even have one right outside our building! The flags are printed in full colour onto waterproof and weather-resistant polyester fabric. We have three styles and each style comes in three sizes, including flag pole and ground spike. 

Our largest double-sided windblade flag is 4.7m high, followed by 3.6m and our smallest is 2.6m. Next, we have the Teardrop flag with the largest being 4.3m followed by 3.3m and the smallest being 2.2m. The final flag we offer is the standard rectangle style. 3.7m is the largest we have in this style, followed by 2.5m and the smallest being 1.7m. 

Footpath and A-Frame Signs:

You can’t look at promotional signage without considering the traditional, good ol’ Footpath or A-Frame Signs. One of the many benefits is that you can have varied signs that you interchange with ease whenever you like. You can literally place these signs right at the feet of potential customers, reaching your desired audience. They also help to direct people to your business as well as advertise your business or current promotion. If you want people to be able to find you as easily as possible, Footpath and A-Frame signs are a great solution for that. 

The standard size of a footpath sign is 600m x 800mm, comes with a pre-cut carry space and a base that can be filled with either sand or water. A-Frame sign boards are 600mm x 900mm (excluding the metal frame). They can be made by either ACM (Aluminium Composite Material – a strong, high weathering board) or Corflute (a lightweight and weather-resistant board). The frame that holds the signage boards in it is made of powder-coated metal, comes with two carry handles, and can be opened and closed for easy storage. 

A2Z Print Solutions – Promotional Signage for Your Business


The options are endless when it comes to promoting your business but don’t be overwhelmed – we are here to help. Get in touch with us today!